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See what people are saying about The Carbide Advantage ©.

Many of our customers wish to remain annonymous due to the fact that we are the best kept secret in the JIG and ID grinding industiries.

Grinding Wheels Diamond Plated

“I ran identical jobs side by side on identical machines using our standard resin bond wheel on one machine and the Crystal Fields plated tool on another. Job time per part with the resin application was 4:18, and job time per part with the Crystal Fields plated tool was 2:04….. Impressed is an understatement!


“On a fifteen piece job where each piece has nine counter bores and nine slots it previously took me 6 hrs and 53 minutes to run one piece. With the Crystal Fields plated tool (applying it only to grinding the slots) I can now run each piece in 4 hrs and 40 minutes. I have saved almost an entire week's time on one job!”


“They cut like an SOB, and you can put that on record”


“I am amazed at how straight Crystal Fields plated carbide tooling cuts. If I’d have known about this I wouldn't have passed up on all the small hole jobs throughout the years.”


“I have doubled my productivity with Crystal Fields plated tooling because I have virtually eliminated my run out time!”


“We can offer the fastest turnaround time in the state and possibly the country thanks to Crystal Fields’ plated wheels!”


“I know you can’t tell how much I like your wheels by the way I order, but they last me that long!”


“These tools are the best we have found to date!”


“After a sneeze of a test program, my guys now refuse to use anything other than the plated carbide tooling from Crystal Fields!”


“With your plated wheels, I have reduced my job time by 68.4% over a minimum of 250 parts. I’m impressed”



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