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Crystal Fields, llc.
Full spectrum manufacturer of internal diameter and jig grinding superabrasives.

Producing grinding wheels since 1997 for aerospace, military, medical, electronics, automotive, and marine industries.

  Why Us?

Crystal Fields is the only manufacturers in the world plating diamond directly onto tungsten carbide. This exclusive technology provides our customers several advantages.

Increased Productivity
Increased Wheel Life
Improved Performance
Lower Costs

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Grinding wheels from 0.012 to 3.000 inches

  What Products & Services Do We Offer?


ID Grinding Wheels


Electroplated Diamond and CBN

Resin Bond Diamond and CBN

Polish Diamond and CBN

Metal Bond Diamond and CBN

Vitrified Diamond and CBN



Additional Services


Custom Fabrication

Custom Plating on Pre-manufactured Blanks (you make it we plate it)

Strip/Re-plate(ferrous materials only)


  What Are People Saying?

“I ran identical jobs side by side on identical machines using our standard resin bond wheel on one machine and the Crystal Fields plated tool on another. Job time per part with the resin application was 4:18, and job time per part with the Crystal Fields plated tool was 2:04….. Impressed is an understatement!



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