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Question: What is the advantage of using wheels plated directly on carbide?

Answer: Stiffness. The rigidity of the carbide reduces the deflection of the wheel therefore the ground hole is straighter.

Question: Do you provide sample wheels?

Answer: Yes. Samples are provided on guaranteed test basis. Adequate detailed feedback is necessary.

Question: Will you plate specialty tool items?

Answer: Yes. If the geometry is outside our manufacturing capabilities you provide the blank. Also if a special geometry tool is required often we will stock a sufficient amount of that tool so you have no down time.

Question: How should we place an order?

Answer: By phone, fax, email, or traditional mail.

Question: What is your delivery schedule?

Answer: In stock items will be shipped immediately. Otherwise, two weeks.

Question: Do you have a minimum order policy?

Answer: Currently no. Although we prefer to ship at least two for security.


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